By Steven Graves

CHICAGO (CBS) — For restaurants opening Wednesday, it will look a lot different than what owners anticipated.

Looting at restaurants during the weekend unrest means outside diners can expect to be staring at boarded up windows, but the goal at Miki’s Park on Hubbard street is to make it feel normal and safe.

“This is our passion. This is what we do,” said manager Orville Diaz.

Saturday looters smashed the glass of a takeout window. They helped themselves to electronics and the cash register.

They also his the Boss Bar next door, smashing its windows.

“It is a little devastating. It’s disappointing, but it’s just broken glass and stuff,” said Diaz.

It’s not enough to stop either business from reopening. Months of being closed due to COVID-19 has workers determined to make it work even as other bars and restaurants on the block and across the street won’t risk it.

“Today with the mayor saying that she’s going on with Phase 3 gave us a little more reassurance that we would be safe,” Diaz said.

Tuesday meant piecing together plant holders scattered on the street, setting up seats, only outside one allowed, that are six feet apart. It’s less space, fewer customers, and less curb appeal, but it’s progress.

“Something is better than nothing. As we see it, the glass is half full,” said Diaz.

Miki’s Park is waiting on word from the city on if, at some point, they will be able to expand seating into the street for more space.