CHICAGO (CBS)– A Chicago woman told CBS 2 she wants a do-over when it comes to 2020.

Felice had just started a new job in March, then the pandemic hit. Since then, she hasn’t been able to get her unemployment approved.

She thought this week would be a turning point when her Englewood salon where she worked was supposed to reopen. 

Unfortunately, looters hit the business.

“Broke the glasses, broke the glass, went in and stole the equipment, you know, curling irons, flat flat irons and different things like that, just broke glass mirrors and things like that, just destroyed everything,” Felice said. 

 Felice understands the need for peaceful protests, but says looting is not the answer. She worries for people who are now afraid to leave their homes for groceries or much-needed medications.

She is also frustrated for those like her who have spent countless hours online and on the phone, trying to get their unemployment application approved.

She said while watching the daily press conferences, she hears reporters ask officials questions about unemployment. Felice feels not enough is being done to help people like her get unemployment help.

Felice told CBS 2 the salon likely won’t re-open and she will again have to search for another job.