CHICAGO (CBS)– Air travel is nowhere near what it was before the pandemic. But it has started to bounce back  slowly in what is normally a busy summer travel season.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, the number of people passing through airport security checkpoints nearly doubled over the course of May to almost a million in one weekend.

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CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos spoke to a travel expert about why she believes those cheap airfares we’ve seeing during the pandemic are not going to stay.

“All of the CEOS’s of the major airlines are meeting with shareholders and telling them in order to have social distancing on planes, we’re going to cap the number of seats we dell and do that it’s going to rocket up in price 50% in some cases,” Pauline Frommer or said.

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Frommer says not all airlines are enforcing mask rules or temperature checks, so do your research if you’re concerned.

As for the changes that are coming to hotels, Frommer says hotels are offering “buy now, stay later” bonds that increase in value 60 days from now. That’s a good way to save.  She also says to keep in mind, a lot of the amenities you typically choose a hotel for may be gone.

“Nowadays your room is going to be your hotel experience,” she said. “So, don’t choose a hotel for the space, don’t choose a hotel for free buffet breakfast, those are going to be gone.”

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Frommer says some hotels are working on ways to have less human contact. Like using apps to check in and get into your room