CHICAGO (CBS) — The fate of the Major League Baseball season is bouncing back and forth like a baserunner caught in a rundown.

In the latest development, the players’ union is getting ready to present another counteroffer to the owners – 89 games, and full prorated salaries for the players.

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Former Cubs outfielder Doug Glanville told CBS 2’s Luke Stuckmeyer on Tuesday that he believes baseball is something we can all benefit from right now.

“Although baseball is not essential, what we are missing is that spirit of team – and we could use that, not just on the field, but also for our country,” he said.

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Glanville said baseball would be hurt severely if there were no 2020 season. But he thinks there will be a season – though players and owners differ in what they want, particularly in a season that requires the stands to be empty due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It would be very much damaged, if you think about the opportunity to play from a health standpoint – which should be the number one issue that there’s a window to play – then now, you’re just residing on the age-old battles between players and owners. It’s the economics, the structures, all these things,” Glanville said. “I think they’ll get it done. I believe the owners seem to want less games, because 40 to 50 percent of the owners’ revenue comes from games and fans, and if they’re not there, each game they play, you know, they lose money or they make a whole lot less – whereas players are looking at the structure, to make sure the integrity of the structure is there, so that when they negotiate in 2021, they’ll have something to build on. Right now, they’re apart. I think there’s a magic number there to see how quickly they get to it.”

But will a season knocked down to 76 games, or 50 games, count as a full season? Not exactly, but it is an opportunity, Glanville said.

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“Everybody recognizes what we’re facing, and sure, are you going to say, ‘This guy hit .450, he’s better than Ted Williams?’ No. But you will say that, you know, in a season that’s what it is. I think it’s a great opportunity to innovate, and I talked to Dusty Baker on my podcast. He was like, ‘Hey, this is no longer a marathon, this is a sprint.’ I’m curious what baseball looks like as a sprint.”