By Dave Savini

By Dave Savini, Samah Assad, Michele Youngerman, Rebecca McCann, Jim Williams, Kara Olney, Blake Tyson

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s been nearly two years since the CBS 2 Investigators got their first tip from a family who said that Chicago Police wrongly raided their home – the wrong home.

Since then, we’ve documented a disturbing pattern of officers repeatedly busting into families’ houses, pointing guns at their children’s heads, and ransacking their belongings – in many cases, without even verifying whether they had the right address.

CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini’s 40-part series on wrong raids by Chicago Police led to a new Illinois law written to protect children from unreasonable police force, an inspector general investigation into CPD policies and procedures, and finally in January, a commitment from Chicago Police to change how they obtain and execute search warrants.

Watch “[un]warranted,” a CBSN Chicago Special Presentation, above.