By Megan Hickey

AURORA, Ill. (CBS) — A 2.5-minute cellphone video of an Aurora traffic stop sparked outrage over the weekend.

It shows a woman being arrested complaining that she “couldn’t breathe.” In response, the Aurora police released more than 20 minutes of video from their dash cams.

CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey on Monday dug into the surprising release, and the explanation from police.

Because of the allegations that woman who was being arrested couldn’t breathe, Aurora police said they tried to be as transparent as possible about the case – releasing all the video and information they have and letting the public form their own opinions from there.

The 2-minute, 38-second clip has been circulating widely on social media. It shows a man and a woman held on the ground.

“They got my girl on the ground passed out!” the man is heard saying.

A witness remarks: “She barely breathing! She barely breathing!”

Over the next 24 hours, the cries of police misconduct grew so loud that Aurora police could not ignore them.

“There were a lot of comments made and a lot of assumptions made about exactly what happened,” said Aurora police spokesman Paris Lewbel. “And that was never restrained in a way that prevented her from breathing. She was never put in a chokehold. And you can see that, once we released the full clip of the video as well as the full narrative.”

The dash camera video begins by showing a white Chevrolet Malibu’s passenger door open in the middle of traffic.

An officer says he witnessed the couple in a physical fight.

“She’s breathing heavy and she looks like she’s been crying, so you tell me what’s happening,” the officer is heard saying.

It is after this point that the officer asked asks both or their IDs.

“You have no right to open my car door,” the man in the car is heard saying. “You have no right. You have no right.”

Eventually the driver hands his ID over, but for nearly eight minutes, the officers ask for the woman’s name and birthday. Aurora police say she gave them a fake name.

When they tried to physically remove her from the car, she started screaming that the police were hurting her.

The officers on the scene said she began hyperventilating and saying she couldn’t breathe.

An ambulance was called for her and the driver, who complained of an injury to his ribs. Both were released shortly thereafter without any evidence of injuries.

Of course, the camera view doesn’t show everything, so we reached out to both the driver and the passenger to get their side of the story.

The White Malibu from Saturday’s traffic stop was parked in the driveway of the home listed for the 22-year-old driver. People were home, but no one would answer the door.

The full video is more than 20 minutes long, and we encourage anyone who is interested to view the whole dash cam video for themselves.

We do want to note that the captions and any editing done to the video were added by Aurora police, not CBS 2.

Megan Hickey