CHICAGO (CBS)– CBS 2 is Working For Chicago and looking at who’s hiring by talking to a career development manager at Flex Jobs.

Companies making top lists include Sales Force and Humana with up to 300 positions available. Flex Jobs lists full and part-time work and a lot of the postings for remote opportunities.

A career development manager at Flex jobs said a major role with openings is customer service jobs, which do not require a lot of previous experience and are flexible. She said retail employees may best qualify for customer service roles.

There are some jobs specifically looking to hire during the pandemic. They are seeing a 50% uptick of those looking for work.

If you are worried that you don’t have a focused skill set, it’s suggested you look for a consumer based role or entry level position.

Since so many companies plan to keep employees working remote, it’s recommended you really prove you are productive at home.