CHICAGO (CBS) — As restrictions continue rolling back during the coronavirus pandemic, and more people go back to using public transportation while returning to work, the CTA and Pace will soon return to front-door boarding on buses, meaning passengers will have to resume paying fares.

In April, both CTA and Pace began allowing customers to board buses through the rear doors, to limit contact with drivers, and slow the spread of the virus.

Starting Sunday, the CTA will return to front-door boarding. While the CTA had moved some fare card readers on buses to the rear doors, the rear-door boarding policy effectively meant most riders were able to board for free.

Pace said it will resume front-door boarding on Monday, and will end its temporary suspension of fare collection.

Both agencies will continue to require passengers and drivers to wear masks on all buses. The CTA also has installed plastic shields to for bus drivers, and supplied face coverings for drivers. The agency also has provided goggles and face shields when available.

The CTA also has set a limit of no more than 15 passengers on its standard 40-foot buses, and 22 passengers on its 60-foot articulated buses. Pace also said it has limited the number of passengers on board its buses when possible, and added extra buses to some routes to further allow for proper social distancing.