CHICAGO (CBS) — President Donald Trump picked a fight over violence in Chicago with Gov. JB Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Friday night.

President Trump sent a lengthy letter to the two leaders. He singles them out for their “lack of leadership” and how they “fail the people you have sworn to protect.” The president then goes on to offer to help and ends saying, “You continue to put your own political interests ahead of the lives, safety and fortunes of your own citizens.”

The mayor responded on twitter saying, “I don’t need leadership lessons from Donald Trump. How about some leadership not steeped in the divide and conquer tactics?”

Pritzker’s team issued a statement that calls the president a “failure,” the letter a “press stunt,” and says that the president “attempts to politicize tragedy with his predicable and worn out strategy to distract, distract, distract.”