CHICAGO (CBS) —  Communities on Chicago’s South and West Sides will receive an $11 million grant focused on redevelopment and investment in those neighborhoods.

Called INVEST S/W, the program will invest in existing projects and will put money into programs that need start up help.

“I am thrilled to today be announcing this funding that will provide needed capital to two critical projects along our INVEST South/West corridors,” said Lightfoot, who listed Auburn Gresham Healthy Lifestyle Hub and the North Lawndale Surgical and Ambulatory Care Center. “It is our hope that these developments serve as critical anchors to drive the inclusive neighborhoods focused growth that my administration has been committed to from day one. I look forward to seeing these projects come to life and serve as a framework for many others to come.”

The money comes from the federal CARES Act that was approved to be appropriated earlier this month by the Chicago City Council.

The communities affected by the financial investment will get funds for a variety of programs and projects that include infrastructure improvements. They were selected by the city “through an analysis of local business activity, retail and institutional anchors, transportation amenities, historic buildings, recent and pending public improvements, potential community partners and a variety of socioeconomic factors.”

They include:

  • Auburn Gresham
  • North Lawndale
  • Austin
  • Englewood
  • Humboldt Park
  • Quad Communities
  • New City
  • Roseland
  • South Chicago
  • South Shore

Lightfoot also addressed another violent weekend in Chicago where at least 17 people were killed, including several children.

“Make no mistake, as a person of faith. I know that the Lord has called these young people home. But dear God and dear Chicago, we have to do better than what we’re seeing,” Lightfoot said, who added that the issue cannot be solved just by the police.

“We have to let our brothers and sisters in neighborhoods are under siege know that we see them., we hear them and we are there for them. It’s not enough anymore to just say thoughts and prayers. We’ve got to change our actions, and our attitudes and our conduct.”