By Matt Zahn

CHICAGO (CBS) — COVID-19 changing the look of baseball in Chicago.

It’s day one of summer camp for the Cubs and the Sox.

CBS 2’s Matt Zahn can’t be in the ballpark, but still has a great view.

It’s the definition of extreme social distancing. The Sox got out on the field Friday at Guaranteed Rate Field. Most of the coaches were wearing masks, players were not.

Obviously this version of camp much different than things were back in Arizona in March. Players all had to go through an intake process that included COVID-19 testing.

Out on the field, they have to stay as social distanced as possible. As far as keeping the guys safe, it’s somewhat on each individual to be smart about it.

“The trust, the respect of your teammates, all those things are going to be really impactful messaging that I have to deliver to these guys and hold them accountable,” said Cubs Manager David Ross. “At the end of the day, these are grown men. We can’t babysit these guys.”