CHICAGO (CBS) — The baseball schedules are out, and assuming they can get through with the Cubs and White Sox will finish the regular season in style, with crosstown series on the South Side at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Both teams will open the season at home on July 24. The Cubs will host the Milwaukee Brewers and the White Sox hosting the Minnesota Twins. Both teams were able to get through their Monday workout. That’s no small feat.

Multiple teams around Major League Baseball, including the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros, had to cancel their Monday practices because of delays with the coronavirus test results.

Kris Bryant of the Cubs is among the players now calling out Major League Baseball.

“What we agreed to is testing every other day. We have had guys here that showed up on Sunday and had not gotten tested seven days later. Then you don’t get the results for two days either. That’s nine days without knowing. If we really want this to succeed we will have to figure that out. I know there are going to be hiccups but you can’t hiccup with this,” Bryant said.

“I hope we don’t have to deal with something like that. Those are some of the little hiccups that are occurring in a unique and in particular new moment in which we are living right now. Things happen,” said White Sox manager Rick Renteria. “Hopefully if it happens to be a one-day glitch it will not hurt us.