By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — A personal and deeply emotional look at the on-going frustrations of some still trying to navigate Illinois’ unemployment system.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross met up with a woman whose been trying for four months to get help. CBS 2 was there when she finally got help from the IDES office in Pilsen.

In the blazing sun outside, a woman was in Pilsen to get the attention of unemployment workers. She had a sign and a fold out chair.

And it worked.

But for many it has not.

“I just want to get back to my job,” said Angel Brewer-Bass. She was furloughed from her retail position back in March.

“I’m beyond frustrated,” she said.

So she positioned herself outside the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) because she hasn’t received an unemployment check in four months. That despite filing, calling and messaging.

Like her patience, her savings is running out.

“I haven’t received any communication about a check,” she said. And she’s not alone.

Just after speaking with CBS 2, she finally spoke with someone who could help. The bureaucracy ended — in tears. Overcome with emotion from a call, state funds were finally on their way.

“I just feel like if I hadn’t decided to that I was going to protest and I hadn’t decided to call the news and I hadn’t decided to do all of this,nothing would have happened. I would have certified tomorrow stared at the screen and still had zero dollars in my bank account.”

CBS 2 reached out to IDES about how many call center employees are helping. No update yet. Weeks ago, the agency said more than 500 were taking calls and processing claims, with an additional 562 in the virtual call center.