CHICAGO (CBS) — Despite increasing rates of coronavirus infections in Indiana, the state seems to be staying on track to reopen schools in just a few short weeks.

Some districts will be returning to class at the end of this month, following guidelines education officials sent out in June.

The state health commissioner said Wednesday it’s important kids go back in the classroom, for both education and mental health reasons.

The White House has said students need to be back inside their classrooms at the end of summer, even if the CDC advises against it.

President Donald Trump went even further, threatening to defund schools that don’t open, though he has little power to do so.

Teachers aren’t sure how social distancing will work if all students are invited back at once.

“I mean, when you’re talking about 20 to 40 or 50 kids in a classroom that’s 750 square feet, I don’t know how you keep people apart,” teacher Marty Gutierrez said.

The CDC is expected to issue new guidance on schools next week. It has previously said virtual classes are the better way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.