CHICAGO (CBS) — Parents are already getting questionnaires from their school districts asking if they’d like to do e-learning full time or part time in the fall.

Some parents are being told full-time, in-person classes won’t happen, and they told CBS 2 Morning Insider Tim McNicholas that will be a challenge.

Parenting is full of tough decisions. Angela Hornof is an Alsip mom, with a son at Stony Creek Elementary School, who faces a tough one right now.

“They did try to do their best, but the solution doesn’t seem very feasible,” she said.

The school district is giving parents at Stony Creek and other schools a choice: send kids to school a couple days a week, and do remote e-learning from home the other three days; or do the remote learning for all five days per week.

“I don’t know how I’m going to find someone to log my 7-year-old into the computer every day, and then have them help them. I don’t get home until late at night,” Hornof said.

District 126 sent out an email with a survey on July 8, and asked parents to “choose the option you are committing to” by July 13. Supt. Craig Gwaltney said the choice can be changed later, and the idea is for the school district to gather information on what parents want.

Gwaltney said, due to capacity, all in-person in learning is not a safe option yet; although an earlier district survey showed that’s the most popular preference.

“Socially distance the best they can; if they can, use alternate seating arrangements for the children,” Hornof said.

District U-46 in Elgin is also planning an e-learning and in-person hybrid after surveying families.

District 15 in Palatine is looking at two options: in-person with health and safety modifications, or full-time online.

Also in Palatine, District 211 is surveying parents on whether they’d like in-person, online, or a hybrid.

“I’m stressed, I’m scared,” said Kristyn Harvey, mom to a 4th grader at Stony Creek. “I came to the point where I’m going to keep her home all five (days). There’s too many guidelines for her to even walk in the school, and I just don’t feel safe.”

That means Harvey will be at home with her during the day.

Gwaltney said District 126’s plan is all still up in the air. He said state health guidelines could also change their plans.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on what the final decisions are.


Tim McNicholas