CHICAGO (CBS) — An alarming video shows hundreds of people who seem not to be following COVID-19 rules packed together outside a suburban business. CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reached out to the owner of The Vault in Blue Island for answers. When pressed about capacity limits, he told her to ask Blue Island about that. When she asked what the capacity limit is for outdoor events like the one in the video, he hung up on her.

CBS 2 has reason to believe the SnapChat video shows a recent party because two people were wearing masks in the afternoon when the party started.

As the evening progressed, the crowd grew.  There appeared to be hundreds of people gathered under tents, in close contact and not wearing masks.

Blue Island Mayor Domingo F. Vargas says Blue Island Police have gone to this venue three times since the start of Phase 4 which was just over two weeks ago. During two visits, police found The Vault was not in compliance with social distancing, mask wearing and occupancy.

The mayor says the outdoor limit for this party during Phase 4 would be no more than 416 people, with social distancing taking place. The owner was given notice to comply with the local and state mandates during the pandemic and was made aware of the guidelines for social distancing and mask wearing.

The Vault isn’t alone in Blue Island, when it comes to compliance. A bar had its business license suspended for five days in June for not complying with closing time, and a restaurant was cited for exceeding outdoor table capacity.

Business owners in Blue Island have been notified in writing and in person about the guidelines.

The mayor of Blue Island said he is in the process of looking at legal and non-legal possibilities to deal with the non-compliance that’s been uncovered during police visits at The Vault.