CHICAGO (CBS) — Come back to college.

That’s the invitation from Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. And if you do, your debt could be wiped out.

On Tuesday, the mayor unveiled a new program to forgive the debt for City Colleges of Chicago students who return after dropping out in the past ten years.

It’s not just good for those students, but also good for the city, said the mayor.

“Upward mobility doesn’t have to be a pipe dream,” Lightfoot said.

There are more than 21,000 people eligible for the Fresh Start program. It starts this fall and runs through 2023.

“Many of Chicago’s students are kept from finishing college due to debt that forces them to pause their academic journey,” said Lightfoot. “With Fresh Start, former City Colleges’ students will be able to finish college debt-free, pursue their dream careers and set themselves up for success in the post-COVID economy. This exciting new initiative is the next big step to ensure all Chicagoans, no matter their circumstances, have equal access to the resources needed for upward mobility.”

Click here for more information on the City Colleges Fresh Start site. Or call 773-COLLEGE.