By Lauren Victory

CHICAGO (CBS) — Scooters are officially back on Chicago streets.

Unlike last summer, all scooters will need to be locked up after each ride. How will each company handle this and other new rules? They’re hiring.

Morning Insider Lauren Victory is Working for Chicago and has the details on the positions available.

If taking public transit makes you uncomfortable during the COVID-19 pandemic, three “micromobility” companies are wondering whether a sanitized scooter ride will do the trick.

Chicago’s second scooter test run accidentally coincided with the pandemic but that’s no problem for vendor Spin. They’re budgeted for about 60 Chicago-based positions that include cleaning and re-charging scooters.

Over at another scooter company, Lime, the hunt is on for mechanics.

Those workers will inspect each of the more than 3,000 Lime scooters at least once a week.

Brakes are especially important. So are batteries, which brings us to another opportunity for cash: Lime’s juicer program.

“We have individuals who live in the city or who live around the city who are looking to earn a little extra money” said Leaaron Foley, Lime’s Midwest government relations director. “They’re able to charge scooters and we’re expecting to make a $1 million payout during the course of this program.”

Bird’s Maurice Henderson says working for his scooter company is a great way to break into tech without prior experience by becoming a “Bird watcher.”

“In some cases they are engaging directly with the public,” Henderson said. “Safety, how to start your ride, end your ride, how to park properly.”

Good at logistics?

All three companies are hiring crews to re-position scooters day in and day out.

Half of each fleet must start on the South and West sides every morning. That is a strict new requirement that creates jobs and a shot at equity.

Chicago’s second scooter pilot program is slated to last four months. Then the Chicago departments of transportation, business affairs and consumer protection will determine whether any of the vendors will permanently bring scooters and scooter jobs to the city.

Lauren Victory