CHICAGO (CBS) — A powerful Chicago attorney is already facing serious allegations, and now, just-released video and audio show his drunken driving arrest.

As CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported, prominent family attorney David Pasulka is already facing accusations of sexual assault.

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On Friday, July 24 – the day after we first reported on those allegations against Pasulka – the lawyer found himself in legal trouble – arrested for driving under the influence in Glenview.

Right along busy Waukegan Road, Pasulka was found unresponsive in a McDonald’s parking lot. He was charged with DUI after being found by someone who apparently knows him.

In the afternoon, Glenview paramedics wheeled a highly intoxicated Pasulka on a stretcher through a McDonald’s parking lot.

Dashcam audio from a Glenview police cruiser picked up an exchange with a witness who called 911, an officer, and Pasulka himself.

“Everything just came out this morning in the news, and so I’m sure he’s very upset,” the woman is heard saying.

The witness adds, “He has not moved in 20 minutes, and I know him.”

An officer is heard saying, “She saw him fall down in the bushes.”

The officer bangs on the car door and says: “Hey, you OK? You breathing? Can you says something?”

Police said Pasulka was too drunk to talk, let alone drive.

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“I got the paramedic coming to check you out now, OK?” the officer says. “You have anything to drink today?”

Meanwhile, the witness says, “He’s an attorney and he was on the news today.”

“For?” the officer says.

“Lawsuits, sexual assault,” the witness replies.

The prominent family attorney is accused of sexually assaulting former employees. According to a complaint with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, Pasulka abused his role as guardian ad litem – an attorney for children in divorce cases – by bartering sex from clients for favorable custody recommendations.

“Does he have any health issues?” the officer asks the witness.

“Alcohol,” the witness replies.

Pasulka pleaded guilty to drunken driving in 2017 after hitting a car on the Kennedy Expressway and driving away, and then smashing into a Starbucks in Niles.

He later admitted to having “five vodkas” on that occasion.

Now, Pasulka is once again facing another DUI and looming criminal charges.

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When De Mar spoke to Pasulka ahead of our initial story airing, he denied all of the allegations against him. He has been suspended from his role in the domestic court system.

Charlie De Mar