CHICAGO (CBS) — Panic over a python in Chicago.

A family in Woodlawn comes inches away from a four foot long snake at their doorstep, and they waited in fear for hours.

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CBS 2’s Steven Graves has the story you’ll see only on 2.

A slithery surprise that still has Kelly Bryant’s skin crawling.

“Like even standing here right now, I’m still kind of on edge,” Bryant said.  “Anything wiggly, squirmy worms, snakes; terrified.”

So imagine her reaction seeing a four-foot long snake, right at the doorstep of her Woodlawn home early Thursday morning.

“Super terrified. The first thing is the fight or flight reflex. What do I do with this,” Bryant said.

Her wife called 311 for help. A contractor working on their home put a bucket over it. When an animal control officer arrived, two hours later, a neighbor pitched in to help to.

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“She actually held open the pillowcase to shove the big, I guess it’s a python, into the pillow case,” Bryant said.

Chicago Animal Care and Control confirms it’s a ball python, which is not poisonous.

The homeowners said they haven’t seen anything like this in the three years of living here. It got us asking: How often does this happen in the city?

Not often at all, said Allison Babbitt, owner of reptile shop Curious Creatures in Chicago. Babbitt said that the full grown snake was either a lost pet or intentionally set out into the wild by its owner. And usually scared of humans.

“They are the sweetest, kindest snakes out there. There is no threat of them getting loose and breeding like they do in Florida,” Babbitt said. “They will not be able to survive the winter here.”

The runaway reptile has a new home. Bryant is just happy it won’t be at her place anymore. Chicago Animal Care and Control said it’s not the first time they’ve had to catch one of these. Officials said it happens a few times a year.

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