CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago man is still waiting for action after he told police his motorcycle was stolen in late April. He says he even told them where the bike and thief might be. That was months ago.

Drew Avi Emanuel immediately points out that police have had their hands full over the last several months and getting his bike back in the scope of unrest and murder investigations is obviously not a priority, but he has waited long enough.

The adrenaline rush of wind and the open road drew him to his 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. He reported the stolen bike valued at $10,000 to police. He said it was stolen from an uptown garage.

“‘We’ll get to it. We’re working on it. We’re busy.’ They basically shrugged it off,” he said.

Emanuel authored an 18-slide police PowerPoint presentation he says he shared with investigators.

He managed to spot some unusual custom parts on a seller’s eBay account that may be the thief’s. He said he has matched them with more than a half dozen of his prior pictures.

“Here’s the eBay posting,” he said.”Here’s the facebook posting. Here’s a picture that the seller sent my friend. This is an aftermarket custom part. Identical GoPro mount location. All from the same seller. I immediately recognized it as mine. Identical windshields. That’s mine, and this guy’s posting it on sale for like $400.”

He also found several of the seller’s social media accounts and said he shared location data with detectives. Cops didn’t find his ride, but he did, only on someone else’s feed.

“I finally saw the guy riding around on my bike like on SnapChat,” he said.

Emanuel said he is beyond frustrated.

“At this point I’m just done with it,” he said.

Emanuel is an attorney and has filed a civil lawsuit against the man he believes stole his bike. Police issued a statement Wednesday night saying the Chicago Police Department takes every crime seriously and fully investigates each case.