CHICAGO (CBS)– Police are questioning a person of interest in connection with a fatal stabbing at a Wicker Park Walgreens, Chicago police confirmed.

A worker at a Walgreens in Wicker Park was stabbed and killed during daylight business hours Sunday.

The 32-year-old woman, identified as Olga Maria Calderon, was working at the Walgreens at 1372 N. Milwaukee Ave. around 9:30 a.m., when she was approached by an unknown person with a knife, police said. She was stabbed multiple times, and pronounced dead on the scene.

Over the past several days, police have tracked violent crimes at other Walgreens stores or other drugstores in the area – including two this past Wednesday.

Police said in both incidents, a man, armed with a knife with a red handle, went into a pharmacy and demanded money. In one case he successfully took money from the store. He fled the scene in both incidents.

Police said no charges or arrests have been made.

This is a developing story.