By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — There is an expanding rash of break-ins in Chicago.

CBS 2 reported on a series of crimes on the city’s northwest side, and on Friday, more were reported. It’s possible the crimes are connected.

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CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports from Harlem and Higgins with more the latest victims.

The owner of the business said the break-in happened around 3:00 Friday morning. Police are following leads to track down at least two burglars.

A slip and fall followed by a police call. Two men break into a dental business Friday with a sweet tooth for whatever might be valuable. Both men are seen wearing hoodies. The two lift what may be a safe and rush out.

On Thursday, Andrew Lago of Harlem and Addison Tire and Auto experienced a similar kind of loss.

“There was a broken window. There was a big brick thrown through the window,” Lago said.

He described cops telling him his crime may be connected to a handful of others. He said some cash was stolen and four cars taken from the lot including…

“My father’s car. (He) passed five, six years ago,” Lago said. “We kinda just kept it around here for sentimental reasons.”

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Police believe a handful of similar smash and grabs Thursday are connected. One taking place at Chitown Tattoo, where surveillance showed a man in a hoodie smashing in the door with a pick ax, trying to pull out the ATM with another person.

Moments later, from a nearby  jewelry store, similar axes and outfits are seen on surveillance video. The burglars bagging up jewelry and dashing away from the display case.

Minutes later a CBD store is smashed in, all in a span of a few miles over the course of about two hours. A handful of business vandalized and victimized. The store owners left felling shocked and violated.

“Something like this, it’s just devastating, you know. Just the thought of being invaded like this. It’s hard to explain,” said Lago

He has done business there for 42 years without an incident. Lago and others hoping burglars will allow that streak to continue once again.

“You try to go to work and make an honest living for their families,” Lago said. “You have a group of immature people coming around to do this. It’s a shame.”

Police have not confirmed all the crimes are connected. If you have any information on these crimes you’re asked to call CPD.

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