By Mary Kay Kleist

CHICAGO (CBS) — The 80s hang around next few days until a cold front passes this weekend, cooling us down for Sunday and beyond.

The low for Tuesday night is 59 with fair skies and light wind, and on Wednesday, look for hazy sunshine and a high of 80.

Wednesday 5 p.m.: 09.22.20

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Hazy skies continue due to wildfire smoke about 10,000 feet above our area.

Later on Wednesday, high cirrus clouds may increase from the south due to remnants of Beta.

There is a tiny chance of a stray shower on Thursday. But with the dry air in place, most areas stay dry. The high on Thursday is also 80.

Thursday 5:30 p.m.: 09.22.20

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The best chance for rain is along the next cold front Saturday night.

Precipitation Chances: 09.22.20

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High Temperatures: 09.22.20

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The Climate Prediction Center is calling for below average temps for our area next week.

Temperature Outlook: 09.22.20

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Mary Kay Kleist