CHICAGO (CBS) — Hundreds of thousands of voters in the Chicago area are not going to a polling place. They’re already voting by mail.

But as CBS 2’s Jim Williams tell us, there are some things to look out for to make sure your vote is counted.

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From problems at the polls, to concerns about mail in ballots, hundreds of thousands of voters in the Chicago area are mailing their votes in.

“I think vote by mail is the easiest way to vote,” said Marisel Hernandez.

And roughly a third of registered voters in Chicago alone have requested mail-in ballots so far. According to Chicago Board of Election Commissioners Chair Hernandez, 470,000.

“We have had so much success with it. People are really happy with it. It’s safe, secure.”

All voters will receive and email confirming that the ballot was received and approved. But not all ballots are going to be accepted. Juanita Knowles reached out to CBS 2 and said she received an email that election judges had rejected her ballot because her signature on the envelope did not match the signature they had on file.

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She later had to confirm her identity using her voter ID number.

“When we receive those ballots back, we have a team of three judges who must review the envelope,” Hernandez said. “And make sure the signature matches what we have on our voter rolls for that particular voter, and it has to be a unanimous decision by all the judges.”

It even happened to Marisel Hernandez’s husband’s ballot.

“My ballot was accepted automatically. My husband’s ballot was rejected,” Hernandez said. “He provided the information that the board requested, and within 24 hours he received an email stating ‘your ballot has been accepted and will be counted.'”

Even in this day and age, not everyone has email. So if your ballot is rejected, and you don’t have email, you should get an old fashioned letter.

The deadline for asking for a mail in ballot is October 29, but election officials urge you to apply right now.

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