By Marissa Parra

CHICAGO (CBS) — No mail and no answers for families in one west suburban neighborhood.

The family reached out to CBS 2 with their frustrations and Marissa Parra went looking for answers.

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It was a mail mystery. For over a week, neighbors in Darien didn’t know why they weren’t getting their mail. Now they know why, but now they don’t know when it’s coming back.

In the last 15 years living in Darien, one thing has always been a constant for Heather Kelly.

“We get our bills. We’re really big mail order people,” Kelly said. “We’ve always been. Even even pre-coronavirus.”

But this week, something was off. Her mailbox is empty. Her packages were late. And no sign of a mail carrier. Not on the streets and not on her Ring doorbell camera. The last time she got mail was last Friday. Her neighbors haven’t received their mail either.

Kelly and her neighbors have called the local post office dozens of times.

“My son has some medication that comes in the mail so it’s pretty important,” Kelly said.

It wasn’t until Kelly tracked a missing package that she found her answer.

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“It had been flagged with “animal interference” and they couldn’t deliver it because of that,” Kelly said.

She drove to the post office to get some answers.

“(I) learned it wasn’t my dogs. It was a neighbor’s dog and our entire block mail delivery has been suspended,” Kelly lamented.

For this entire week, Kelly hasn’t seen her neighbor’s dogs outside.

“Maybe he got the message and he’s done that with the dogs,” Kelly said. “What’s the post office going to do now?”

She’s angry that they never were notified.

“The biggest problem is that we’re not getting our mail and we don’t know when it can resume,” Kelly said. “We just want to know when we’re getting our mail.”

CBS 2 called the local post office and the person who answered the phone said they didn’t have any answers.

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