CHICAGO (CBS) — The Washtenaw County Health Department in Michigan has issued a stay-in-place order for students at the University of Michigan until Election Day due to the surge of coronavirus cases.

The stay-in-place order lasts until 7:00 a.m. on November 3. At the University of Michigan, the cases are so high there, students were told they can only leave their dorms or apartments to attend class or get food.

“It is recommended that all students remain at their current address. Students who live in U-M housing may only return to their permanent address if they follow U-M testing and checkout procedures. If students living in off-campus housing return to their permanent address, it is strongly recommended they undergo COVID19 testing prior to leaving their current residence and stay in place at their permanent address for the duration of this order,” the health department stated in a press release Tuesday.

To view the full stay in place order, visit here.

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