By CBS 2 Chicago Staff

CHICAGO (CBS) — Volunteers are using art to pay tribute to notable figures in Black history.

Artists and activists painted a mural in honor of Rosa Parks, who died 15 years ago today. The mural was designed and painted on giant canvasses in Millennium Park.

The mural features the portraits of Black women killed by police, including Breonna Taylor, who was killed by officers who raided her home in March; and Rekia Boyd, who was killed by Chicago Police Officer Dante Servin when he blindly fired over his shoulder at a group of people after getting into a shouting match while Servin was off-duty in 2012.

When the mural is finished, the artwork will be donated to a school.

The group creating the mural are demanding the city defund the police and spend more money on social services; halt plans for a new $95 million police training academy on the West Side, and use the money to save Mercy Hospital; and end qualified immunity for police officers, a legal dctrine which protects police officers from personal financial liability in civil lawsuits.