ELGIN, Ill. (CBS) — One of the biggest frustrations during the COVID-19 pandemic is for families that could not say hi to grandma due to visiting restrictions, but a family in Elgin has found a creative solution.

“She’s alone, you know, for the first time, really,” said Tammy Minehart.

Her 84-year-old mother Mary Moore is a new resident at Elgin’s Avondale Estates. She is not battling COVID-19, but the virus has left the seriously social grandmother isolated from visitors.

“She loves saying that she has ‘FOMO.’ So FOMO for those who don’t know is fear of missing out, and I hope that this alleviates some of her FOMO,” said Mary’s granddaughter Kira Minehart.

Kira and the rest of the grandkids planned a parking lot party, but that’s hard with Mary on the third floor. So they called in some help.

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Firefighters helped make up the distance, lifting everyone’s spirits — three flights up.

This is obviously a special assignment for Elgin Fire. They wish they could take every family up who wants to visit a loved one like this, but they can’t. In Moore’s case they just happened to ask first.

“There’s a specific set of circumstances that have led us here today,” said Elgin Fire Chief Rob Cagann. “We felt like it was something we could do as a one-off scenario.”

“That they can find to do this or even consider it, so this is huge,” Tammy said.

It turned out to be a visit better than any phone call, showing just how far this family will go to show grandma they love her.