By Ed Curran

CHICAGO (CBS) — The windy slide of temperatures has begun. Winds have turned west, and Sunday’s 3 a.m. report from O’Hare showed gusts up to 51 mph. A wind advisory is in place until 2 p.m. with winds of 30 mph and gusts up to 45 mph in the Chicago area.

There is also a significant lakeshore flood risk for Porter County, Indiana, due to the winds, according to the National Weather Service.

Temperatures were 55 degrees at midnight and dropped to the low 30s by dawn. They will top out in the mid to upper 30s Sunday. Factor in the winds and it will feel even colder, with a temperature that feels like the mid 20s midday.
There will be cloudy skies in the morning with the cold front coming through, but expect some sunshine in the afternoon afternoon.
Monday recovers nicely with 50 degrees. Temperatures will warm through the week. Election Day will see 60 with even warmer temperatures as the week goes on.
Sunday: Wind advisory. Mostly cloudy but sunshine by afternoon. Winds of 25-30 mph gusting to 45. High of 39.
Sunday night- Clear skies.
Monday: Sunny, breezy. High of 50.