CHICAGO (CBS) — There are several ways for us to vote: we do it by mail, request an absentee ballot or we drive or walk to the polling place.

As CBS 2’s Jim Williams reported Monday night, one Chicagoan was so determined to cast his ballot, he hopped on a plane.

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Like hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans, DeShaun Stansberry voted early. He went to his West Side polling place Monday morning.

“I wanted to do my absentee ballot, but I waited until the last minute, kind of procrastinated,” Stansberry said. “I said ‘well, I definitely do my part and vote.’ So I flew out of here to go out here and vote.”

You heard that right: He flew out to vote. From San Diego. Though he’s a United States Marine based at Camp Pendleton in Southern California, Staff Sergeant Stansberry is still a registered voter in Chicago.

“I have kids. My oldest son just turned 18. He voted. I just had to set the example,” Stansberry said. “When I talked to my Marines, I tell them the same thing. Here is our obligation as Americans to vote. I didn’t want to come up short by not doing it.”

The married father of three has served his country around the world, including Iraq. Voting, he said, is his duty. And he had an added incentive.

“I feel voting is very important to pick who you want to be your representative. Especially for me, to pick my own boss,” Stansberry said.

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His boss, his Commander in Chief.

Service runs in the family. Military parents; his mom a Chicago police officer. Stansberry surprised her this weekend when he returned home. A hug from mom and a 1,700 mile trip to cast a ballot.

“Get out and vote. There’s no reason to sit at home. If I can come from California to do it, you can come from two blocks away, two miles away, whatever the case may be. There’s no reason not to stand in line and do your part,” Stansberry said.

Staff Sergeant Stansberry has 18 years in the Marines. He returns to the base Wednesday. A short trip with an important mission.

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