CHICAGO (CBS) — During the pandemic, it has been hard to keep the professional and personal separate – and those blurred boundaries make it especially important for employers to create a sustainable work-life balance.

CBS 2 is Working for Chicago and telling you about companies that have a happy medium.

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“That line between personal and work has been blurred, if not completely erased, for employees” said Amanda Stansell, senior economic research analyst at Glassdoor.

That is especially true as living rooms are transformed into offices, and many employees have also doubled as part-time teachers for their kids.

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And as the pandemic continued, the job search engine Glassdoor saw an uptick in mental health discussions.

“We saw a 42 percent increase since six months prior,” Stansell said.

Stansell told CBS 2’s Lauren Victory that statistic triggered some further digging.

“We looked at all of the reviews and insights,” she said.

After analyzing millions of reviews on its site, Glassdoor created a list of the top 20 companies offering the best work-life balance.

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The businesses have all maintained an average of 4.5 rating throughout the pandemic and span a variety of industries, from tech and finance to health care and retail.

Topping the list is Acuity Insurance, with a 4.9.

“One of the great things about this list is while a lot of these companies aren’t headquartered in Chicago,” Stansell said. “They’re hiring across the country, especially for remote positions.”

Companies like EXP Realty and SAP are hiring directly from Chicago talent. But others, like Slack and Box, are filling fully remote positions.

So what sets them apart?

“These companies are offering really flexible schedules, so employees can take an hour out of their day and help their kids or go to a doctor if they need to,” Stansell said.

Stansell said they also offer competitive benefits like paid time off and health care coverage.

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We’ll keep uncovering information every day to help this community get back to work, until the job crisis passes. CBS 2 has several helpful items right here on our website, including a look at specific companies that are hiring, and information from the state about the best way to get through to file for unemployment benefits in the meantime.

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