CHICAGO (CBS)– Through this job crisis CBS 2 is Working For Chicago and working with a career coach every week to bring you advice about looking for and landing a job.

This week the career coach has advice on changing past job titles on your resume to reflect the next job you want.

“For some people, they’ve worked at companies that might use really unique titles that are only used within that company so when they go to look for a job, it’s a little trickier,” Lynee Alves, president of Interview Like An Expert said. “So, sometimes people need to change their title to be more representative of the work that they’ve done during their career and that matches with the marketplace.”

Alves said that could help you appeal to a broader base of companies and employers. Of course, Alves said the title must be honestly truthful and reflect the work you did. An example of this is if a company is looking for a “marketing director,” but your last title was marketing manager.

“When you’re applying for jobs, you’re applying online,” Alves said. “Your resume is going into software that is scanning for keywords and among the most important key words it’s looking for, are previous job titles.”

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