CHICAGO (CBS) — Neighbors watched in horror a three game hunting dogs mauled to death a little shih tzu on the city’s Southwest Side.

On Wednesday night, CBS 2’s Jermont Terry was stunned to find out those same aggressive dogs are back home safe.

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After CBS 2 showed you doorbell camera video of the three hunting dog terrorizing the Ashburn community in our Tuesday night story, Chicago Animal Care and Control responded.

At issue was the question of the sanctions with which the agency slapped the dogs’ owners. Remember, Animal Care and Control is in charge of protecting and people and other animals from dangerous animals.

But this week off 81st Street and Artesian Avenue, those dogs terrified neighbors.

“Don’t come out your house!” a woman is heard saying on the doorbell video clip as she screams about the “mad dogs.”

Those three Dogo Argentinos killed Rocky, Lakesha Brown’s pet, in her own front yard. The entire mauling was caught on camera.

“He was a part of our family and we miss him dearly,” Brown said of Rocky.

Yet despite what happened, Animal Control did not remove the dogs. Instead, all three are under home quarantine for 10 days, and the owner’s veterinarian will check for rabies.

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Terry asked Brown if she was left wondering who is truly regulating the animals and what Animal Care and Control is doing.

“It seems like they’re understaffed,” Brown said.

Brown questions how Animal Control will know whether the dogs keep exhibiting aggression – like what they did to Rocky. She said it feels like an honor system the way it is being handled.

“That’s what it has boiled down tow,” she said. “I will be depending on the owner to let me know how his dogs behave in quarantine period.”

And during the 10 days, the community remains uneasy – and it’s not just about pets like Rocky.

“This could be a human. It could be a child. It could be anyone out here on the street,” Brown said.

The owner of the hunting dogs faces a citation of $3,100 per dog – and that is only for not having them on a leash. There is no indication of when Animal Control will wrap up its ongoing investigation.

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