CHICAGO (CBS)– Ald. Raymond Lopez (15th) reported another incident of vandalism at his Brighton Park office early Friday morning.

Lopez told CBS 2 the windows at his Brighton Park office were smashed again. He shared surveillance video showing three offenders breaking the window and running away.

Lopez shared video of the incident on Twitter in an attempt to track down the offenders.

This is the third attack on his office this year and the fourth attack on one of his properties this year. In July, Lopez reported multiple attacks. His office and home have been attacked, and he claims gangs are trying to intimidate him.

Lopez told CBS 2 the attacks have caused “$6,000 in damage” this year.

CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas reported on gang activity in Brighton Park this week. He reported Brighton Park has dialed 911 more than 6,000 times about gang activity since 2015.

Lopez spoke to McNicholas about the violence in his district and addressed the fourth attacks on his properties this year.

“So often, we just accepted gang life as a reality,” Lopez said. “We’ve been working very hard to bridge that divide and say this is not normal for us.”

He said a video from September shows gang members disabling surveillance cameras in the neighborhood. They have also cut wires on street lights to leave parts of Brighton Park in the dark.

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