CHICAGO (CBS) — This Thanksgiving has by no means been a regular holiday.

COVID-19 has meant the smells of pies and turkey from Grandma, and the hugs and kisses from loved-ones, have been replaced with virtual meetups and well-wishes.

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CBS 2’s Steven Graves had a look Thursday about how people were rethinking Thanksgiving. The Groth-Searle clan in Chicago let him into a pre-dinner virtual conversation, with the inevitable occasional distraction.

People chimed in once everyone could log into Zoom, video or not.

“We all get on though – that’s the thing,” said family friend Carlson White. “We all find a way.”

Normally, the family and friends would be joined around a table. But the virtual alternative does not take away from the thankful spirits.

“I am currently thankful to be healthy and at home,” said family friend Mallory Backman.

“I’m just grateful that we can – even if we can’t get together typically, that we can do this in this way,” said grandmother Mary Galvez. “It still offers connection.”

“Love and happiness – many blessings coming our way,” White said.

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It was also a unique Thanksgiving in many ways for new parents Josh and Lauren Ruge. They are confined to a hospital room in Hoffman Estates with a 2-day-old son.

“He’s our little Thanksgiving turkey,” Josh Ruge said. “Hopefully, the most unique Thanksgiving we ever have.”

Nurses and doctors at the hospital became temporary family.

“They do have like a special Thanksgiving meal,” said Josh Ruge. “They’re all great considering what’s going on right now.”

It is a situation that is by no means easy to navigate for mom and son though.

“It’s a lot,” said Lauren Ruge. “You know, obviously we have the emotions of having a new son and then it’s just so different with coronavirus. Everyone is masked up. I have to remember to take my mask off so he can see my face.”

And while for most loved ones, a smiling face by computer screen is all they will see this Thanksgiving, it makes some moments even more special.

Even more people are swapping home-cooked meals for takeout. Graves takes us to restaurants swamped with orders on Hour 18 Thursday evening.

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