By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS) — In a show of holiday generosity, a man left an enormous $700 tip on a $30 check at a cafe in Garfield Ridge. The tip, which was left Thursday at Peaches and Pears, was shared in a social media post.

“Receiving that money yesterday is more special just because everything that’s going on right now,” said Beata Babel.

Peaches and Pears restaurant may or may not be home to the best homemade soups as advertised, but one thing not up for debate is how a certain customer feels about the staff, even though nobody at the restaurant knows his name.

“It was stuffed cabbage and potatoes, pancakes with two soups,” Babel said of the order. “The bill was $30.90.”

But the female customer who placed the order came for much more than a polish meal.

But the female customer who placed the order came for much more than a polish meal.

“She says her husband comes in regularly and would like to leave something for the staff,” Babel said.

Seven servers were on the clock, and she added another $700 to the bill.

Babel and six others got $100 each.

“For that person to think of us in that capacity for a to-go order not even being waited on is amazing,” she said.

And the generosity didn not stop with this big tip. Staff at the restaurant say the order placed by the woman was not even for her. She was giving it to a neighbor

At a time when sanitizer replaces condiments and distance is desired over diners, the servers hit hardest by the pandemic were reminded just how essential they are.

“To this guy who is basically sitting at home still thinking of us in this capacity it’s a huge wow,” Babel said.

The staff said they know the woman’s name who left the big tip, so they are hoping that will lead them to the generous customer.

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