By Megan Hickey

CHICAGO (CBS) — Restaurants are demanding Chicago and the state let them reopen for indoor dining, and they say data is on their side.

“Today is the day to end the scapegoating of restaurants in the city as one of the primary causes of COVID spread,” said Roger Romanelli, with the Chicago Restaurants Coalition.

The Chicago Restaurants Coalition says a study by Northwestern and Stanford and Chicago Department of Public Health information prove at 20% capacity restaurants are not major spreaders, so the coalition is demanding indoor dining at 20% capacity by Jan. 15.

The mayor responded, saying despite the hardship, we have to stay vigilant until the science says it’s safe.

Some restaurants have come up with some creative ways to help people eat comfortably outside.

You can find locations on our interactive map showing places in the city and the suburbs here.

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Megan Hickey