By CBS 2 Chicago Staff

CHICAGO (CBS)– New 2021 laws are taking effect Friday.

The minimum wage is now $11. The new minimum wage passed in 2019 and will now take effect. The minimum wage will go up $1 every year until 2025, when it hits $15-an-hour.

Other laws that start Friday include the cost of insulin will now be capped at $100-a-month for people on state-regulated insurance.

Also, if police are looking for a missing person, they can collect DNA samples from family members.

Survivors of sexual assault and stalking will now be able to use secondary addresses, to keep their locations confidential.

And you won’t be able to take a horse-drawn carriage ride in Chicago anymore. The city council voted to ban them from city streets.

There was concerns about how the horses were being treated. The three carriage operators left in Chicago were forced to shut down in the spring by the pandemic.

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CBS 2 Chicago Staff