ELGIN, Ill. (CBS) — Teachers took to the streets in Elgin Monday night, protesting over the return to in-person learning.

As CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported, teachers in Elgin’s District U-46 don’t feel safe going back to school amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The teachers lined the streets in front of the District U-46 administration building.

“We won’t stop until we have safe schools for everyone,” said Barbara Bettis, president of the Elgin Teachers Association.

U-46 is the second largest school district in Illinois.

“We are not against in-person learning, but we are strongly against unsafe learning,” Bettis said.

In a virtual meeting Monday night, the school board laid out its Return to Learn plan – a comprehensive presentation of what in-person learning with coronavirus mitigations will look like as students return to the classroom

“To be back in school, all guardians should know that we have to wear masks, we want your children to maintain six feet at all times, and be ready to wash your hands often – those are the expectations to return to school,” District U-46 Board of Education Vice President John Devereux said at the virtual meeting.

The plan also includes rapid tests for students and faculty if they show symptoms or have been exposed to the virus.

Back on the protest line, Bettis said the board’s safety plan doesn’t cut it.

“Our teachers are starting to go back into the buildings and they’re very anxious,” Bettis said, “because our safety plan isn’t strong enough, and it hasn’t been communicated, and all pieces are not in place.”

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