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CHICAGO (CBS)– A woman in California isn’t letting the pandemic keep her from mentoring girls around the world.

CBS 2’s Nichelle Medina shared how one online community is building friendships, and inspiring the next generation of kids.

Every time Kailey Breyer logs on, she has hopes of changing young lives.

The 22-year-old created “Kailey’s Queens,” a community for 9 to 15-year-old girls to meet and connect through events like baking, fitness and crafts.

“When I was that age, boys were calling me names, I wasn’t included in groups at school, and I felt I wasn’t enough, and now I know I am,” She said.

With a degree in engineering, the 22-year-old realized supporting girls is her true calling. She first launched in-person events to help kids deal with the pressure of perfection from social media. When the pandemic hit, she went online. That decision opened the events to girls in other countries and more than tripled business.

“Talk about body image, self-confidence, self-love, how to speak to yourself, how to treat yourself,” She said.

Brielle Lopez, 9, looks forward to the sessions every week. She’s blossomed and has formed friendships at a time when hanging out with friends is nearly impossible.

“We can share what’s happening, what’s going on, all the drama,” Lopez said. “We can share the world together with our friends.”

“I’ve noticed she’s gained more confidence,” Brielle’s mom said. “She’s very happy.”

Building confidence is an important aspect of Kailey’s business model but, she’s also passionate about inspiring future female entrepreneurs offering a shark tank class where girls can build their own business and help others.

“I really hope they can spread the confidence and the positivity they gain here because it’s really needed in the world right now,” She said.

There are a variety of virtual classes and camps available on Kailey’s Queens website, some of which are free.

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