DEERFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — A pair of Bulls players were back with the team Wednesday after positive COVID-19 tests.

As CBS 2’s Matt Zahn reported, the virus apparently had a very different effect on the two of them.

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Bulls third-year forward Chandler Hutchison said COVID-19 was like a severe flu for him – with fever, chills, and a loss of appetite. Teammate Tomáš Satoranský had just mild symptoms.

Hutchison practiced on Wednesday for the first time since testing positive in December and had a message when it comes to this virus.

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“You know, I’m 24, I’m in tip-top shape; an athlete – I like to consider myself a pretty good athlete, and I got hit pretty hard, so my conversation is that it’s very serious – and you see how it can affect someone twice or maybe even three times my age; where you look at it, it’s like, no, I can see how it can put someone elderly in the hospital, and that we really have to take control of this,” Hutchison said. “So that’s the rough thing is people’s experiences are different. If it was bad for everyone, you know, I think everyone would take it a lot more serious. I would say just do what you can. I thought I was doing everything I could to maintain my safety – but that’s the thing is there’s some things you just can’t control.”

Hutchison actually had to quarantine in Washington D.C., where he tested positive, and couldn’t return to Chicago until he was cleared.

Both he and Satoranský are on track to return to the lineup Friday.

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