CHICAO (CBS)– Through this job crisis, CBS 2 is Working For Chicago and working with a career coach every week of this pandemic to bring you advice about looking for and landing a job.

This week our career coach is sharing strategies for negotiating.

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“Once you receive a job offer, that’s a great sign, and rest assured the company isn’t making a job offer 10 minutes to somebody else, so you’ve got some time to consider it,” said Lynee Alves, President of Interview Like An Expert. “You’ve probably got 24-48 hours to review the offer and assess if it’s a good fit for you.”

You can negotiate your salary or hourly wage, how much vacation time you get, when you start your job, any flexibility in your schedule, and even the cost of professional certification or continuing education courses.

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Some topics usually off the table during negotiations: the benefits package and the company’s 401(k) contributions.

“Don’t do this piecemeal,” Alves said. “Don’t go and negotiate pay, and then once you’ve got that settled, go back and try and negotiate vacation time. You want to do this all at once for efficiency’s sake; on your end and on the company’s end.”

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