CHICAGO (CBS) — Dreams come true.

Scotty Miller, a 2015 Barrington High School graduate, is getting ready to play in Super Bowl LV for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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He’s only 5 feet 9 inches tall, but the Bucs receiver is also one of the fastest players in the NFL.

Miller showcased that speed in the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers. The Barrington Bronco caught an incredible 39-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady.

Miller recently showed his confidence by predicting that he would beat Kansas City Chiefs speedster Tyreek Hill in a race.

Hill jokingly suggested a race at halftime – but those who know Scotty Miller best said it is advised to be careful what you ask for.

“I’ll put my money on Scotty every single time, man, because I’ve seen that kid compete – and when it comes to competing, he don’t want to lose to anybody, in anything,” said Barrington High School football coach Joe Sanchez.

“Of course he can beat him,” added Scotty Miller’s dad, Scott Miller. “The thing about Scotty is that he’s never short on confidence, and I think that Scotty Miller – he needs to have that confidence to keep that edge, because he’s playing with names of players that he’s been watching for 20 years.”

Scotty Miller’s mom, Kristy Miller, pointed out that her son was a competitor from a very young age.

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“He has three sisters and a lot of cousins, and anything that they could turn into a competition, they did. Who was the earliest to be potty-trained? Who was the earliest to water ski? Who could do the most push-ups, pull-ups?” she said.

So Tyreek Hill had better watch out.

Scotty Miller has another Chicago connection. Back in the day, he played on a Barrington Youth football team with Bears tight end Cole Kmet.

Miller’s dad was one of the coaches of that team.

“I think Scotty was in something like eighth grade and Cole was in fifth or sixth grade – because Cole was a giant of a child and now is a giant of a man. I remember coaching them, and it was incredible, because you could just see that they were a step of everyone else at such a young age,” Scott Miller said.

“You take a look at Scotty – I mean, he’s not going to look into the room with you immediately, we’re not going to mistake him for an NFL player. And that’s no slight on Scotty. He’s not, you know, 6-foot-something, you know, 200-someting. I think that’s what makes it so special is to see somebody like that playing at the highest level, right, I just think serves as a great inspiration for all of us,” Coach Sanchez added.

This is the second straight year the Mid-Suburban League has had a player in the Super Bowl. Last year, it was Rolling Meadows grad and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Miller’s family will be in Tampa, but the rest of us can watch it right here on CBS 2. The Bucs and Chiefs kick off for Super Bowl LV at 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

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