CHICAGO (CBS)– With all of these challenges during the pandemic, when and how do you ask a potential new employer about their flexibility through it all?

As CBS 2 continues Working For Chicago, our career coach is helping sort it out.

“During the interview is not the best time to be asking questions you really don’t need to know until and when you have a job offer in hand,” Lynee Alves, president of Interview Like An Expert, said. “If you start asking questions about time off and provisions for special circumstances, the unfortunate truth is you may be discriminated against. You may not get that job opportunity.”
Alves says this includes asking about flexibility to work from home if a family member is sick. This also includes asking about remote work opportunities if a child is still in remote learning.
“It’s best to hold off and wait to ask those questions until you have a job offer in hand, at which point it’s very appropriate to be asking those questions of the potential employer,” Alves said. 

CBS 2 Chicago Staff