By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — Millions of Americans have received their stimulus checks, but there is a holdup for others, and the government gridlock ranges from the simple to the complex.

The comforting discovery of a stimulus check landing into a bank account allowed millions to take a needed sigh of relief, but people like Charlene Franco continue to not breathe easy.

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“I’ve got nothing,” she said.

She said she qualifies for the $1,400 stimulus check. Those who qualify are tax payers earning less than $80,000 a year or joint filers making below $160,000. But Franco is part of a group of Americans learning there is an obstacle to getting that payment, and her’s is complex. She is being audited by the IRS over who she claims as dependents, including her disabled son.

The government is challenging that potential tax break. Franco is offering up a paper trail of medical records fighting them for it, but as a result that stimulus money remains in limbo.

“I did contact a lawyer,” she said. “He said for such a small amount, what he would charge me wouldn’t be fair, so just keep doing what I’m doing.

But there are many other examples of government gridlock or bureaucratic blockades.

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“I have friends who have been waiting for it,” Franco said. “They’ve gotten some payments but not others that are single moms.”

Franco says those friends have moved or closed bank accounts or similar things. A new address or different bank could stall checks from checking into accounts. While frustrating, those are more easily corrected — unlike Franco’s frustrations.

“So I’ll just keep fighting,” she said.

She said even without her stimulus check as long as she is around her son will be all right.

“It’s just really said,” Franco said. “It really is because this was meant to help us out. I’m making it right now, but what about the people that aren’t?”

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Franco said she does not know what some of her friends will do without their stimulus checks.