Kyla Davis of Skokie is the Lifesaving Rescue Hero. On August 27, 2020, Kyla had just finished her night shift as an operator at Glenbrook Hospital and drove to Arlington Heights to visit a friend. When she parked her car in a nearby lot, she saw a woman screaming for help while a man held a knife to her neck. Kyla immediately made her presence known by yelling at the man to stop.


While walking towards them, the man flashed the knife. Fearing for her safety, Kyla retreated to her car and called 911, while the man forced the woman into an SUV. However, the woman escaped and was able to get in Kyla’s car. After an unsuccessful attempt to also get into Kyla’s car, the man got into his vehicle and started chasing them as the two women drove away. The 911 operator on the phone with Kyla directed her to drive to the Arlington Heights Police Department. Police officers intercepted Kyla’s car on the way and assisted her and the woman. For her bravery, Kyla was awarded the Arlington Heights Police Department’s Meritorious Service Award.