By Mary Kay Kleist

CHICAGO (CBS) — The low for Monday night is around 70 with mostly cloudy and warm conditions.

As our next front approaches, warm winds take temperatures into the 80s on Tuesday.

Next 24 to 48 Hours: 05.24.21

(Credit: CBS 2)

At A Glance Tomorrow: 05.24.21

(Credit: CBS 2)

Afternoon and evening shower chances increase with isolated thunderstorms. The chance is 30 percent.

Precipitation Chances: 05.24.21

(Credit: CBS 2)

We get a break from the activity Wednesday, when the high will be 82. A soaking rain could materialize heading into Thursday night – and we could use the rain.

High Temperatures: 05.24.21

(Credit: CBS 2)

Mary Kay Kleist