By CBS 2 Chicago Staff

CHICAGO (CBS) — White Sox closer Liam Hendriks leads the American League in saves, and the eccentric Australian is also leading the league in Lego building.

Hendriks may be 32, but he says building things with Legos helps him stay calm – and now he has teammate Lucas Giolito doing it too.

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“I’ve been doing Legos a lot with them, and Gio’s joined in a little bit with that, and I love to show off my little collection, because I built the ‘Friends’ set. I’ve got an R2-D2 that I’m about to build. I finished Baby Yoda. I finished a bust of Darth Vader – I’ve done some stuff like that. And he’s been doing his own little thing. I’ve got these 3D puzzles I was able to find at a bookstore on the road – so we keep each other entertained – that’s for sure,” Hendriks said.

Earlier in the season, Hendriks was working through a couple of rough games – with the help of Rubi, his longtime tarot card reader.

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So, now we can add Legos to the list – but that’s not all. He’s a fan of young adult teen fiction books too.

“I think everybody’s actually just really relieved at the fact that I put headphones on and do my Legos so that they don’t have to hear me talk anymore. So it’s actually a bit of a break for everybody, not just for me. So I’ll do my Legos and I’ll finish the set the homestand. Then I’ll read for the last few days or whatever it is. I just need like an outlet to kind of get out of my own head, and that’s when I listen to heavy metal music and do my Legos, or heavy metal music and read my young adult teen fiction books,” Hendriks said. “You need an outlet, and those two things tend to be what I do, and on the road, it’s too hard to transfer the Legos back. So on the road, it’s always books, and at home, it tends to be Legos.”

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Hendriks did not specify his favorite young adult fiction authors or heavy metal bands in that quote. But of course, everyone will want to know now.

CBS 2 Chicago Staff