CHICAGO (CBS) — Three people were rescued from Lake Michigan overnight  near the Adler Planetarium, where a man and woman jumped into the water.

Police said the man and woman were standing on the lakefront around 10:45 p.m. when they jumped into the water near the Planetarium.

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Witnesses said the couple appeared to be drowning. A third person dove in to try to save them. Meanwhile, witnesses flagged down police and everyone helped pull them all to safety.

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“No one could pull them up. No one could reach them. So I leant my, and I told them to grab the straps of my backpack, and then once they got hold of my backpack, we formed a line along the shore and we pulled them one-by-one until we got them over to the ladder,” said Charlie Thomas, one of the witnesses who helped pull those people to safety.

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All three people were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital to get checked out, but no one was seriously injured.

CBS 2 Chicago Staff